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Orange Land Trust Preserved Areas

The Orange Land Trust (OLT) currently holds 24 properties throughout the Town of Orange, featuring a total of 87.74 acres with a wide variety of habitats. These include small parcels of under an acre, medium-sized areas of 4 to 6 acres, and over 20 acres for the largest of our holdings.


Several of these parcels are located adjacent to the Town of Orange Conservation Areas and have been developed for passive use with off-street parking, hiking trails, overlooks, benches, etc. 


These unique properties contain natural habitats including rocky forest, woods, meadows, and wetlands. Owls and hawks to smaller thrushes and songbirds, and many other rarely seen birds and wild animals, may be encountered on the properties.


Best of all, the properties are all within our own Town’s borders.

Wild Flowers

Keeping Orange Green with a NEW ACQUISITION!!!

The Orange Land Trust is proud to announce the acquisition of 15.38 acres of open space boardering the Housatonic Overlook.  The funds of the Orange Land Trust to purchase this property are a result of bequests, donations from individuals and organizations.  Help us continue our mission by becoming a member!

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