Orange CT Land Trust

Who we are:

The Orange Land Trust is a private, 501C3 non-profit, Connecticut Corporation, staffed entirely by volunteers, and is an independent non-governmental entity. OLT was organized and incorporated in December of 1968.


What we do:

Its purpose is the acquisition, preservation and protection of natural areas, including plants and wildlife and the unique habitats they require, within the Town of Orange for the benefit of its citizens through passive use. We conduct guided walks and hikes for the public in many of these areas throughout the seasons of the year.


How we do it:

We work closely with the Town of Orange and the Orange Conservation Commission in these endeavors for the benefit of both residents and visitors from surrounding areas.

The funds of the Orange Land Trust are the result of bequests, gifts or donations from interested individuals and annual membership.

We volunteer our time and talents because we are committed to the organization’s goals. Because we are all volunteers, we are able to keep operating expenses to the very minimum necessary.


Board of Directors


Fred Kendrick - President

Ed Tucker - President Emeritus

Lawrence Messina - Vice President


Julie Davis - Treasurer


Chris Shaw - Publicity


Skip Clark